17/05/2018 Imagem do músico


The yellow color is associated to heat, self steem, enthusiasm, creativity, optimism, memory, intellect and transformation.

The yellow symbolizes rays, the sun, light, gold! No other color is so unstable as it – A little bit of red and it becomes orange, some blue and it goes green.

It is with overflowing joy and love that we present another VA! The Amarelo album gathers deep and inspiring sonorities from the artists: Agrabah, Alaikke, Mari Herzer, Stroka, Khayyam, Paulo Foltz, Miranda (Hiato) and Marcelo Oriano.

the work has the power of healing the scars of the soul, regenerating the thoughts and raising our own state of consciousness.

Artwork by: Igor Marques
Mastered by: Marcelo Oriano


Régia (Original Mix) - Snippet Castle (Original Mix) - Snippet To Board (Original Mix) - Snippet