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25/04/2019 Imagem do músico


Following the series of polychromatic releases, the label Trip to Deep, in parallel with it’s five-year anniversary celebration, is proud to present the V.A. ‘Verde‘. Green represents healing, nature and it’s essence of renewal and vitality. The compilation includes trippy and progressive sounds that elevate our mind to fullness and balance, planting feelings, bringing hope and faith.
This work includes inspiring tracks by artists: Aspeckt, Leila Scheiwe, Magalhães, Hencke, Roi Ferrari, Landik, Gabriel Sasso, Trommer, Macgaren, Matheus Amorim, Isaac Varzin and Nevrau.
Embark in this journey and feel the most different nuances and shades that Verde can take us!

Artwork by: Igor Marques
Mastered by: Marcelo Oriano


Bravia (Original Mix) - Snippet O Estrangeiro (Original Mix) - Snippet Beyond State (Original Mix) - Snippet Fragmented Consciousness - Snippet Natura Do Som (Original Mix) - Snippet Etna (Original Mix) - Snippet Nukr (Original Mix) - Snippet Bagheera (Original Mix) - Snippet A Kind Of Something (Original Mix) - Snippet Another (Original Mix) - Snippet Lost About You (Original Mix) - Snippet