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05/04/2018 Imagem do músico


    From the friendship of the fellow artists Artimpakt and Marcelo Oriano a Gipsy Tale was told through music.
    Trip to Deep is pleased to unite these great artists to present four versions of the same story. Each one bringing its own flavour!
    In this farraginous EP, besides the great original mix, we have a darkening techno version, told by the rising talent Mau Maioli; a minimal approach, being narrated by Deck 1264 records boss: Millidiu; and a rework by Artimpakt himself, using his ethnic influences to compose a low BPM tune. Listen, feel, dance!

    Mastered by: Marcelo Oriano
    Artwork by: Igor Marques

    Bravia (Original Mix) - Snippet O Estrangeiro (Original Mix) - Snippet Beyond State (Original Mix) - Snippet Fragmented Consciousness - Snippet Natura Do Som (Original Mix) - Snippet Etna (Original Mix) - Snippet Nukr (Original Mix) - Snippet Bagheera (Original Mix) - Snippet A Kind Of Something (Original Mix) - Snippet Another (Original Mix) - Snippet Lost About You (Original Mix) - Snippet