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28/06/2018 Imagem do músico


The universe and the people have something in common: the singularity of each existence. This is what Aspect represents, he brings in every composition a unique characteristic.

Crystals are precious and represent the most pure manifestation of light energy in the physical plane. The atoms that make it are in absolute symmetry and are capable of elevate the vibratory frequency go those who come close to it.

In Crystal EP, the producer presents a set of ethnical and progressive melodies that are in transit between the old and the new. His newest release portrays one more of his stories told in detail.
Fasten your seat belts and have a nice trip!

Artwork by: Igor Marques
Mastered by: Marcelo Oriano


Bravia (Original Mix) - Snippet O Estrangeiro (Original Mix) - Snippet Beyond State (Original Mix) - Snippet Fragmented Consciousness - Snippet Natura Do Som (Original Mix) - Snippet Etna (Original Mix) - Snippet Nukr (Original Mix) - Snippet Bagheera (Original Mix) - Snippet A Kind Of Something (Original Mix) - Snippet Another (Original Mix) - Snippet Lost About You (Original Mix) - Snippet