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26/02/2018 Imagem do músico


Trip to Deep is pleased to announce it’s first and most aticipated EP, produced by the brazilian talent resident in Barcelona: I-GOA
In these tracks the artist aims to transmit his sentimental personality through sonorities that evoke self-knowledge and force.
Audio engineer and music therapist, the producer tell us a story using melodies that conduct good energies and feelings, delivering to the audience an intense trip to their inerselves.

Mastered by: Lucas Magalhaes
Artwork by: Igor Marques


Bravia (Original Mix) - Snippet O Estrangeiro (Original Mix) - Snippet Beyond State (Original Mix) - Snippet Fragmented Consciousness - Snippet Natura Do Som (Original Mix) - Snippet Etna (Original Mix) - Snippet Nukr (Original Mix) - Snippet Bagheera (Original Mix) - Snippet A Kind Of Something (Original Mix) - Snippet Another (Original Mix) - Snippet Lost About You (Original Mix) - Snippet